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How Do I Self-Audit My Chiropractic Documentation?

Internal audit responsibilities include developing and implementing a system and schedule of reviewing your documentation on a regular basis. As you review your chiropractic documentation, begin with an initial audit — generally called a baseline audit — of your chiropractic documentation before any compliance programs are put into place. From this baseline audit, derive a list of significant goals for improvement of your chiropractic documentation and a time period in which you plan to achieve those goals.

Why Do I Have to Self-Audit My Chiropractic Documentation?

Remember, poor documentation can cost you in more ways than one. Not only can it affect your reimbursement from third-party payers, it can also be a factor in your chiropractic licensure. Currently, insurance carriers are filing complaints with chiropractic examining boards if the doctor’s documentation is poor and does not meet the contract’s requirements. Where that to happen, every state board of chiropractic examiners across the country would be compelled to investigate the allegation. Don’t find out the hard way that your chiropractic documentation is lacking. Perform internal audits of your own documentation, and look for trouble spots that could affect your practice compliance.

Can My Team Get Training to Help Me Audit My Chiropractic Documentation?

Use your team mates to help keep your chiropractic practice compliant. Your Compliance Officer can be a team mate and we can help them get the compliance officer training they need to help you protect your chiropractic practice. Complete the KMC University Library lessons on how to self-audit your chiropractic documentation. Learn the chiropractic documentation audit secrets and master the process of internal documentation auditing. Join the KMC University Library today.

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