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Medicare Part C/Advantage Plans Have Rules—Please Follow Them!

Hot Topics from the KMC University HelpDesk So many calls to our HelpDesk revolve around questions about these privately managed Medicare plans. Some providers and…

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De-Mystifying Active vs. Maintenance Care with Medicare, Part 2

When a doctor does the work of diagnosing, treating, and documenting, there are both risks and rewards. All doctors want to be paid for the clinically reasonable and medically necessary services and procedures rendered to patients, so it is important to understand the contracts that might be required and each company’s definition of medical necessity.

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De-Mystifying Active vs. Maintenance Care with Medicare

It’s possibly one of the least understood, yet the concepts are clear, based on the definitions provided. Read on for our clarified explanations.

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Snowbirds! It’s That Time of Year Again!

In the snow belt states, the annual migration of the snowbirds heading to warmer locales begins. What are snowbirds? These are people who usually head south for the winter to escape the cold and snow of their home state. There is also a variation of the snowbird called a “snow flake” who are people who spend portions of the winter in the south and head back north at various times.

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