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Sometimes you need more than a self-service, on-demand program and need an expert to analyze your issues, train the corrections, and help you implement the changes, so they stick

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New Course! | Fraud, Waste, and Abuse

Each year, billions of dollars are spent improperly because of Fraud, Waste, and Abuse. It affects everyone—including Chiropractic providers and teams.

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The most effective chiropractic OIG compliance programs are scaled according to the size of the practice!

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Documentation & Coding

Chiropractic Documentation and Insurance Coding

“I love helping patients—but I hate all the documentation.”

Sound familiar? Many chiropractors chafe at the requirements imposed by third parties. It’s not intuitive. You feel like you’re shooting in the dark. You resort to trial and error. It’s like trying to learn a foreign language—without a tutor!

Without proper coaching, you’ll leave a trail of expensive mistakes. Your income suffers. And you’ll be constantly distracted by annoying non-clinical problems.

Together, let’s change that.

We help chiropractors avoid the most common chiropractic documentation and coding blunders:

  • Unjustified. Proper chiropractic documentation tells a story about the patient’s problem and your solution. If it’s not in your notes—it didn’t happen. Let us show you how to support your recommendations correctly.
  • Incomplete. When we conduct audits, we often find sloppy or illegible notes. This makes it difficult to validate your conclusions. It weakens your case and impairs reimbursement.
  • Inconsistent. Your documentation is the only way an auditor can determine the efficacy of your patient care. Erratic chiropractic documentation and coding ruin your care plan.
  • Audit-prone. Ignorance or needless errors scream “Audit Me!” We help chiropractors avoid the red flags that provoke gut-wrenching audits.
  • Burdensome. While you may never come to love documentation, we can eliminate the uncertainty. As you grasp the concepts, your confidence increases. The drudgery disappears. Hope returns.

Browse our free resources, FAQs, blog posts, and self-assessment tools. Our mission is to equip you with accurate coding and air-tight documentation. Let us come alongside and show you the way forward.

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I cannot put into words how much I appreciate you. I was becoming depressed and just felt I was going in circles. I don't think you can even realize what a profound effect you have and the gift you have of helping. I feel I have just been given a new friend and I can tell you that I have literally been praying for someone like you to come into my life. One of my favorite sayings is "when the student is ready the teacher appears" I am so ready. Thank you so much.