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Documentation & Compliance

Bulletproof your patient notes without working extra hours to keep up

Documentation will make or break your practice.

It’s the difference between getting timely reimbursements from Medicare and third-party payers… or having to refund $1,000-$250,000+ due to an audit.

But the specific compliance requirements make it nearly impossible to stay on top of your documentation. As a result, your reimbursements are at risk of getting denied because your notes don’t  meet the requirements.

There are two common reasons for this:

  1. You and your team don’t fully understand the requirements, or
  2. It’s been a long day, and everyone simply wants to leave and go relax with their families.

Either way, our streamlined documentation process solves this.

At KMC University, we help you with consistent, defensible, and reimbursable documentation that doesn’t suck up your time.

No more painful nights buried in documentation–now you can have bulletproof documentation that gets your claims reimbursed.

Here are two ways you can get help for your practice:

Speak to a Documentation Expert
Dive into our Documentation Training

Our team of certified experts can help you answer your questions on documentation requirements and streamline your documentation process.

Get clear answers from our team of certified specialists who fully understand bulletproof documentation.

Discovery Consultation

If you want to dive into our training, our library covers everything from documenting treatment plans, to routine office visits, to assessments and diagnosis.

Each training has step-by-step instructions, making it foolproof for you to do proper documentation in a timely fashion.

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Any chiros that haven't accessed KMC University's Library - do it! Can't recommend their coaches highly enough. With library membership you get discounted services like coaching etc. I wasted so much money hiring other people. These are the people you should pay for all billing/coding services! Best money I've ever spent.

Jennifer DenBleyker