Foundations of the Billing and Collections Process

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Chiropractic Medicare Experts for Chiropractors

“Hi, I’m from the government and I’m here to help.”

It’s funny but tragic at the same time. It starts by trying to decipher Medicare guidelines. Then, there’s the vague regulations, excluded services, exceptions and “helpful” instructions.

And then they go and change things.

Keeping up is a full-time job. That’s what we do. The happy result is thousands of chiropractic practices who have mastered Medicare. If Medicare has mastered you, we should talk.

If you want to help seniors, you have certain obligations to meet. Otherwise you won’t get paid. Or you’ll be embroiled in a formal appeals process. Or worse, face charges of healthcare fraud. Just from making innocent billing errors. And ignorance isn’t an acceptable defense. Get help:

  • Medical Necessity. Your chiropractic care must be “medically necessary.” That means your adjustments must relate to their specific health complaint. Plus, hold the promise of making functional improvements.
  • Functional Improvement. We all know symptoms can be misleading. So, Medicare wants to see improved function. Are you objectively measuring each senior’s functional improvement?
  • Maintenance Care. Simply put, Medicare does not pay for chiropractic care to maintain a patient’s progress or prevent problems. Monthly visits billed to Medicare raise suspicions.
  • Excluded Services. Procedures other than the adjustment may be helpful. However, Medicare does not pay for them. Nor do they pay for extremity adjustments.
  • Maximum Improvement. The number of adjustments covered by Medicare varies. If additional visits are necessary, are you using the proper procedure?

The good news is Medicare for chiropractic is learnable. You can do this.

You’ve come to the right place to get clear direction and mastery of this essential practice skill. We’ve come alongside thousands of practices. In every jurisdiction. Let us show you the way forward—with confidence and certainty.

Get answers to your Medicare questions

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This weekend has been so enlightening. Thanks to Kathy and KMC University's Hands-on-Lab this weekend in Denver, I am now able to go back to the office and be equipped with the tools and systems I need to make my job EASY! I highly recommend Kathy and her staff at KMC University! Her knowledge and systems will help you and your office run like a smooth well oiled machine

Tamyka Anderson