Foundations of the Billing and Collections Process

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Proven Process


First, we seek to understand. That starts by getting a precise lay of the land.

Your certified specialist will ask a series of questions designed to uncover the underlying issue. Sometimes these questions may seem odd—even unrelated. Trust our time-tested process. It comes from years of experience.

Our approach is respectful. No judgment. No scolding.

Whether it’s a few minutes on the phone or a full needs analysis, we’re here to partner with you. We’ll identify opportunities for reducing risk and increasing your income.

We have a knack for finding money that is often hiding in plain sight!

We love solving problems. We live for the opportunity to reduce needless risk exposure. Untangling financial glitches is our specialty.


After reviewing all the data points and creating a plan of action, it’s time to report our findings.

Sometimes the issue is obvious, and remediation is the primary focus. Occasionally the problem is procedural. Or the lack of awareness or inexperience. That’s common. Which is why training is often included in our report.

You can expect recommendations that are clear, concise and easy to implement.

Every situation is different. But our proposal will provide the immediate relief you seek. Plus, you’ll get an action plan to avoid it from arising in the future.

You’ll start feeling better simply knowing there’s a way forward. Hope at last!

If you lack the personnel to execute the solution, or have time constraints, we can solve that problem too.


There’s a lot to know about compliance, coding and documentation. And it’s rarely part of your professional education.

We supply the missing training, tools and systems.

Perhaps you have a new team member heading up your billing and collections. Maybe your Medicare claims are being kicked back to you. Is your coding and documentation state of the art? We routinely solve these and countless other training tasks.

Access our online library whenever you wish. It’s a complete collection of resources, indexed and organized by topic.

Or arrange for private tutoring. Consult with one of our certified experts. This personalized approach is often faster, especially for more complicated issues.

Invest in the information and understanding you need. You’ll enjoy the resulting sense of confidence and security.


This is where the rubber meets the road!

You’ll receive the manuals, policies and checklists to operationalize what you’ve learned. We’ll support you every step of the way. We make sure your procedures “take” and become your new standard operating procedure.

That means capturing the “what,” the “how,” and even the “why.”

Effective implementation means reducing your dependence on personalities. You want systems to run your practice. And for your people to run those systems. Breakdowns become system failures, not people failures.

It can be difficult forming new habits. We understand. We’ve been through this before. We’ll support you every step of the way. We’ll make sure your team is not just empowered to take the reins, but inspired to drive your practice forward.


Mission accomplished! Now you have a solid, high-performing practice.

But don’t get too comfortable. The business of healthcare is constantly evolving. New requirements are being mandated. Policies are modified. The rules change. Sometimes monthly.

Thankfully, you don’t need to know all the answers. You just need to know someone who does. That’s us. Keeping on top of things on your behalf is what we do.

We’ve got your back.

Partner with KMC University to future-proof your practice. You’ll have the support to increase revenue, minimize risk and confidently grow your practice.

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I just think your materials are fabulous.  There is a lot of clarity in the printed materials and webinars.  Kathy has a way to cut to the heart of the matter by making it clear by simplification.

Alice K.