Chiropractic documentation gap analysis

Recognize what’s missing to master your reimbursement and collections!

This Documentation Gap Analysis allows us to evaluate the significant components of your current Documentation program. It should take less than 5 minutes to complete.

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Sometimes you need more than a self-service, on-demand program and need an expert to analyze your issues, train the corrections, and help you implement the changes, so they stick

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This course explains the significant role chiropractic care can play in the sports industry and how a DC can succeed as a Sports Chiropractor. Start your steps to success here!

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There's no need to fear the OIG. We've got your back!

The most effective chiropractic OIG compliance programs are scaled according to the size of the practice!

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Compliance Implementation

Protect Your Practice from Audit Risk

Not Sexy… But Required

Compliance is a word that causes some to cringe, some to roll their eyes and others to stick their fingers in their ears and sing, “Fa-La-La-La-La” while they try to forget it. The aspects of chiropractic compliance that affect healthcare providers most include HIPAA and Office of Inspector General (OIG) Compliance requirements. Unfortunately, some elect to place it as low priority and this puts you and your practice at risk. Often, it’s simply time constraints or the lack of knowing where to start that keeps a practice from enjoying the peace of mind that full compliance brings. That’s where we come in…

Certified Specialists to the Rescue

We’re compliance nerds here. We know it, and we own it proudly. We’re also certified in the most important areas of compliance, and that means you can relax and leave the heavy lifting to us. Chiropractic compliance issues like documentation, coding errors, billing errors, and lack of medical necessity are the sweet spot of our knowledge base here. That’s good for you…and your practice. We will analyze your current situation, identify gaps that may place you at risk, and develop a plan to bring you into compliance. When your implementation is through, we can continue to serve as your Compliance Officer or hand the baton to your team member we’ve trained all along the way. We’ve systematized how OIG and HIPAA compliance is implemented and handle the lion’s share of the work so you can focus on what matters…patients.

Bulletproof, not Audit Proof

Often when we talk about a potential documentation or HIPAA audit, we say it’s not if but when.  What’s most important is that should that day come, you’re ready for it, bulletproof vest at the ready, and prepared. When KMC University works with you on chiropractic compliance implementation, you are left with a robust compliance program, customized and scaled to your practice. We guide you in decision making about what you must have in place, and ensure you avoid the pitfalls of a spotty compliance program, cobbled together with a form here, and a template there. Our job is to seal the gaps that may be exposing your practice to unwanted scrutiny, and potential fines and penalties.

No Job Too Small

Your HIPAA or OIG compliance may need a tune-up, an overhaul, or creation from scratch. We will analyze your current situation, report the findings, and set about getting your policies and procedures brought into compliance. Chiropractic colleges, software companies, and countless practices throughout the profession rely on us to advise and guide their HIPAA and OIG Compliance programs. Let us lighten your load in this area. We’re always on the lookout for new threats, new rules and requirements and keep you informed so you can avoid unnecessary distractions that keep you you’re your patients. We’ve got your back.


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