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Managing the Insurance Circus: Be the Ringmaster, Not the Act!

Discover the invaluable ways we can help with the insurance run around.
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Compliance Programs

Compliance in the land of healthcare can take on many forms. At KMC University, we focus on two of the most important, required elements of compliance—OIG (Office of Inspector General-Department of Health and Human Services) Compliance and HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) Compliance. We know from experience that these programs can be complicated and difficult to implement in a typical practice. Because they can be scaled to the size and needs of the practice, it takes a specialist to analyze the specific practice needs to tailor compliance training to scale for the requirements that apply. We don’t leave this to chance. These memberships must begin with a careful analysis of the individual practice needs, including a review of what may already be in place. Then, a customized program can be developed, trained, and implemented to the specific particularities of the practice.

OIG Compliance

We hear doctors say, “Why do I need an OIG compliance program?” The Government tells us that healthcare professionals should demonstrate that they take fraud, waste and abuse seriously, and combat it at the practice level. Generally, this looks like an OIG Compliance program, consisting of the 8 Elements the OIG says are the most important components. Of course, a practice with one doctor and team member (or even just the doctor) will create a compliance training that looks very different from a multi-office corporation with many providers and staff. That’s where we come in.

Compliance implementation at KMC University is led by a certified specialist who analyzes and customizes a program that is scaled to your practice. Whether small or large, our customizable program is tailored to the size of your practice, your services, and your needs. Our specialist serves as your compliance officer, overseeing the implementation and personalization of your program, while training your onsite team member to take the reins. We make sure it’s not too big, not too small…but just right for you. It takes an expert to guide you in the policies and procedures necessary to keep you safe, protected, and on the right track. Our KMC University OIG Compliance Implementation has hundreds of satisfied graduates in the profession today, feeling safer and more compliant than ever.

HIPAA Compliance

It’s estimated that 3 out of 4 existing HIPAA programs in healthcare offices wouldn’t stand the scrutiny of an audit. Worse, most providers don’t find this out until it’s too late…they are hit with a ransomware attack or suffer some other breach and then have no compliance training, policies, risk assessments or procedures to defend themselves when the government comes knocking asking why this happened. Yet, many in the profession don’t understand the full scope of why the HIPAA Compliance Program is mandatory in healthcare offices. Simply purchasing a manual of policy and procedure templates leaves the practice exposed to unnecessary risk.

There is no one size fits all for HIPAA, so we provide a customized, handstitched product with the care and training you need to guide you through this daunting task.  We never leave you alone to do some of the most challenging tasks of HIPAA on your own. Leaving off something as simple as the HIPAA Security Risk Assessment puts your entire program at significant risk; it’s often the first thing the Office of Civil Rights wants to see in an investigation.

Our personalized, HIPAA Implementation and Training Program ensures that your HIPAA needs are met and you are left feeling more confident than ever to keep the program as an up to date, evolving program. Allow us to review your current program and point out any dangerous gaps that put you at risk. Click here to get started.

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I just think your materials are fabulous.  There is a lot of clarity in the printed materials and webinars.  Kathy has a way to cut to the heart of the matter by making it clear by simplification.

Alice K.