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Chiropractic Documentation Basics

Chiropractic Documentation Is Under Unprecedented Scrutiny

In preparation for the 2017 deadline for documentation compliance, Medicare has increased its records requests and documentation audits. As a result of the MACRA legislation, Medicare will be continuing to increase documentation audits for chiropractors throughout 2016. Can your chiropractic documentation pass muster? Is your chiropractic practice at higher risk because of your chiropractic documentation? Do you know how to create proper chiropractic documentation?

How to Prepare Your Chiropractic Documentation

Search below for more information and support on how to properly prepare your chiropractic documentation.

Join the KMC University Library to learn what you need to have in your chiropractic documentation so that you are not on the government's short list, or caught in the government’s cross-hairs!

Why Must Chiropractors Document?

Chiropractic Signatures and Authentication

Timely Chiropractic Documentation

Chiropractic Documentation Options: EHR vs. Paper

Chiropractic Documentation and HIPAA

Self-Audit Chiropractic Documentation

Chiropractic Records Request Preparation