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New York Chiropractic Council Mid-Year Convention - Documentation

17 Jul Seminar
July 17, 2021 - 8:00am to 6:00pm EDT
Marriott Syracuse Downtown
100 East Onondaga Street
Syracuse, NY 13202

Title: Recordkeeping Mastery in a Hurry-Up World

Documentation and recordkeeping remain one of the most frustrating part of practice. Because it’s critical to cover all the bases of required elements, from meeting board requirements including key information that protects in a malpractice case, to providing proper information for third-party reimbursement…it’s a lot. But attend this timely training with Kathy and you’ll find the key elements that help you mastering the basics of recordkeeping and risk management. Here’s your opportunity to get your answers right away, make sure you’re on track, and bulletproof your recordkeeping. Her distinctive approach to explaining case management always receives the rave reviews of attendees who say…” I finally understand this”. Join is to get the action steps and know-how necessary to immediately take control of your documentation and compliance.


Title:  Chiropractic and the VA Patient

The Veteran’s Administration has embraced and recognized the good that doctors of chiropractic can do to help our country’s veterans. More and more providers are signing up to be participating with this amazing program. However, as with many government programs, there are specific rules to follow.  Missteps in this program carry the risk of non-payment and program removal. Documentation requirements are straightforward and easy to implement. In this session, Kathy Weidner will outline everything you need to know to ensure that your VA patient and documentation process is smooth and accurate, and your bills are properly submitted for rapid reimbursement.