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HIPAA- It is More Than Just a Manual

Compliance Basics
30 Jan Webinar

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January 30, 2021 - 10:00am to 5:00pm EST
Online Workshop

HIPAA- It is More Than Just a Manual

The Texas Association is teaming up with KMC University to offer a virtual HIPAA workshop on Saturday January 30, 2021 from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm CT. This will not be your typical HIPAA discourse. Most clinicians have a basic understanding of HIPAA rules and regulations. Unfortunately, most clinics do not know how to take this knowledge and build a HIPAA program that provides tangible evidence of compliance if they ever were audited. If you have a HIPAA program, this workshop will help you evaluate your program for proper compliance. If you have nothing in place, no worries, • by the end of the day, you will have started implementing some of the required components.

Workshop Objectives

  • HIPAA Basics & Evaluation - A quick overview of the rules and regulations and then a closer look at what is required to be HIPAA compliant. Would your office pass an OCR audit? Join us to see if you can pass the test.
  • Tracking PHI - It is vital that your entire workforce understand what PHI is and where it resides in your clinic’s workflow. We will spend time identifying those hidden spots.
  • Identifying Your Business Associates - Providing access to PHI to a vendor without a signed Business Associate Agreement is a serious violation. You will learn how to classify a vendor as a Business Associate and how to create a master Business Associate Agreement template.
  • Role Based Access - You need to know who is accessing PHI in your clinic and what level of permissions are assigned. We will create PHI Access Assignments for your clinic.
  • Risk Management - To keep a compliance program alive you must manage the risk daily. We will provide you an overview of what is required so that you can make your To Do list for 2021.

What to Bring?

This is a workshop. We recommend that you have one device for viewing and participating in the presentation, and one device to carry out the tasks assigned in the workshop. You will need to bring the following documents or have access to them electronically. It is very important for you to have these on hand to benefit.

  • HIPAA Manual - If you have one, bring it. If you have parts of policies and compliance related documents, have them available.
  • A list of vendors - everyone you pay an invoice to or have downloaded their application or access their services via a web browser. Think of everything you (or your staff) use to get the job done and make a list.
  • A device that has access to WORD and EXCEL – we will be creating documents and spreadsheets.
  • A list of all your employees and their job duties - include first name, last name, job title and what they do in the clinic that relates to PHI.

Continuing Educations Credits are Available

This HIPAA workshop has been approved for six (6) CE hours from TBCE and with states that accept PACE approval.

Jill Foote currently contracts with KMC University as a Subject Matter Expert. She had over 13 years of chiropractic clinic experience in billing and practice management prior to working for the American Chiropractic Association.  In her past position as Senior Manager of Coding and Practice Management she served as staff liaison to the ACA’s Coding Manual Workgroup, ICD-10 Taskforce and the Coding Committee where she was instrumental in coordinating the association’s coding initiatives and educational campaigns. As she worked with doctors on a national level, she saw a growing need for training in HIPAA compliance, especially as it relates to the IT world. She holds a certification as a HealthCare IT Specialist and is currently the owner/operator of Easy Tech Compliance.