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Florida Chiropractic Association National Convention - Postponed to Nov. 5-8 2020

5 Nov Seminar
November 05, 2020 - 10:15am EST
Hyatt Regency Orlando
9801 International Drive
Orlando, FL 32819

Saturday November 7th 10:20am-12pm - Documentation and Case Management: Right Before Your Very Eyes w/ Kathy Mills Chang and Dr. Mark Charette

It’s one thing to sit in class and talk about managing a patient from initial history to discharge. Learning how to document that can be as dry as toast. But when team teachers, Dr. Mark Charrette and Kathy Mills Chang bring it to life in this session, you’ll SEE it for yourself. In this interactive session, learn how the documentation from the first visit is brought to life in real time and in writing. As Dr. Charrette demonstrates clinical examples, Kathy outlines the required elements of documentation and medical necessity. Experience this illustration of what good looks like for an initial and subsequent patient visits.

Saturday November 7th 1pm-2:40pm - Advanced Medicare-Everything You Wanted to Know…and Some You Didn’t

The highest volume of questions into help desks throughout the profession are, by far, about Medicare. When providers and team members are surveyed about their biggest headaches in practice, Medicare is always near the top of the list. Medicare basics are taught again and again, but it is difficult to dive deeper into the complex, often confusing regulations about Medicare.  This advanced session will dive into the complicated and often convoluted aspects of this high-risk program, such as ABNs, QMBs, Limitation on Charges, Dually Eligible Individuals, and many other details. Finally, understand the nuances that will allow your Medicare patients to be cared for effectively, while staying on the right side of the regulations and rules. Everything you ever wanted to know about it and all the new rules will be covered.

Saturday November 7th 3:20pm-5pm - Chiropractic and the VA Patient

The Veteran’s Administration has embraced and recognized the good that doctors of chiropractic can do to help our country’s veterans. More and more providers are signing up to be participating with this amazing program. However, as with many government programs, there are specific rules to follow.  Missteps in this program carry the risk of non-payment and program removal. Documentation requirements are straightforward and easy to implement. In this session, Kathy Weidner will outline everything you need to know to ensure that your VA patient and documentation process is smooth and accurate, and your bills are properly submitted for rapid reimbursement.