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By Team KMCU in Compliance Basics
Lately we have received several inquiries regarding Attestation requests from contracted Medicare Advantage Plans. Some doctors are receiving them because they recently credentialed with the plan, others because this is a yearly requirement and the year is almost over. If you recently credentialed...
Yvette Noel
By Yvette Noel CPCO in Medicare
Many offices seem unaware of the acronym “QMB.” And even those who are aware can be challenged with understanding how this impacts their office.
Rhonda Hodge MCS-P
By Rhonda Hodge MCS-P in 3rd Party Billing and Collections
Chiropractors emerge from school ready to take on the world! However, most new chiropractors quickly realize that training on the business side of practice hasn’t received adequate attention. That is particularly true in the areas of reimbursement and compliance.
By Team KMCU in Medicare
Time to ready your billing software for the New Year! Add this to your Tickler file for 2019. CMS states, "The standard monthly premium for Medicare Part B enrollees will be $135.50 for 2019, an increase of $1.50 from $134 in 2018… The annual deductible for all Medicare Part B beneficiaries is $185...
By Team KMCU in Coding
Everyone starts pulling out their coats for the cold weather ahead but in the clinic we pull out our Codebooks. Every October we are greeted with cooler weather and new diagnosis codes for the year. Although they are considered 2019 codes it is important to remember to start using them for dates of...
Nicki Brooks
By Nicki Brooks CPPM in Documentation
Doctors, ever feel like you spend more time on documentation than you do with your patients? Does the pile of overdue documentation have you staying late, taking time away from your family? Consider the possibility of implementing a scribe in your practice. Although scribes have been utilized for...
By Team KMCU in Coding
In today’s class, Kathy will talk you through the requirements to bill for CPT code 97140.
By Team KMCU in Compliance Basics
Are you concerned that your sign-in sheet may be a HIPAA violation?
By Team KMCU in 3rd Party Billing and Collections
Locum What'ums?! Are you just as confused as the rest of us on what Locum Tenens means?
By Team KMCU in 3rd Party Billing and Collections
The NUCC (National Uniform Claim Committee) has released the current version of the 1500 Claim Form Manual.