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Fall Time- Pull out Your CodeBooks

in Coding
By Team KMCU

It is that time of year!

Everyone starts pulling out their coats for the cold weather ahead but in the clinic we pull out our Codebooks. Every October we are greeted with cooler weather and new diagnosis codes for the year. Although they are considered 2019 codes it is important to remember to start using them for dates of service starting October 1, 2018.

These codes are to be used for dates of service from October 1, 2018 to September 30, 2019.

What’s New?

M79.1 Myalgia is no longer a billable code. In order to code this condition you must choose one of the following:

  • M79.10 Myalgia, unspecified site
  • M79.11 Myalgia of mastication muscle
  • M79.12 Myalgia of auxiliary muscles, head and neck
  • M79.18 Myalgia, other site

NOTE: This code set carries an Excludes 1 note (do not code together) for the following conditions: M79.7 Fibromyalgia; M60 Myositis

Remember, unspecified means the medical record is insufficient to assign a more specific code. With this in mind, in the case of diagnosing myalgia, if the site were not the head and neck but another specific region, you would most likely code M79.18 ‘other site’; which means the medical record provides detail for which a specific code does not exist. Nobody wants to say the ‘medical record is insufficient’ so when possible AVOID using unspecified diagnosis codes.

Additional Changes

There are 279 additions, 51 deletions and 143 revisions. The code set for Muscular Dystrophy (G71.0) was replaced with four new codes that are more specific. Other changes are focused on disorder of the eyes and of course some changes to the V codes. We encourage you to use the search option and locate the commonly used codes within your practice to make sure that you are coding correctly. The entire code set is available HERE.

Don’t forget to read the Instructions. Each year the Coding Guidelines are updated. Be sure you understand the terms such as ‘and’, ‘code also’ and the recently updated term ‘with’ (see Page 12 of 120) of the ICD-10 CM Official Guidelines for Coding and Reporting

Additional information on Coding can be found in the KMCU Library. Click here to learn more.