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Kathy (KMC) Weidner


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KMC University Leadership Team

Michael Weidner

Michael WeidnerChief Financial Officer

Blake Troutman

Michael WeidnerDirector of Administration

Mike Blake

Mike BlakeDirector of IT

April Lee, DC, CPCO, CPMA

April.lee Director of Education

Marty Madison

Marty MadisonDirector of Business Development


KMC University Support Team

Lisa HartLisa Hart, DC, MCS-P
Colleen AuchenbachColleen Auchenbach, DC, MCS-P, CPMA
Rebecca ScottRebecca Scott, CPC, CPCO, CPB
Jill FooteJill Foote
Specialist/Development Manager
Rachel soucyRachel Soucy
HelpDesk Specialist/ Library Membership Advisor
Marisa BogarMarisa Borgar
Customer Service
Lisa.brunsonLisa Mills
Operations Manager
Sarah MurphySarah Murphy
IT Administration
Penny GagePenny Gage
Quality Assurance Specialist
Kathie SucidloKathie Sucidlo
Quality Assurance Specialist

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Thank you so much for reaching out to me. You made my day! Covid has rocked my practice as I have had to change most things about practicing. Not a bad thing, just new. To know that you and your team still strive to continually improve and stay on top of a tumultuous environment, is truly inspiring. Thank you all for being the heroes we didn't even know we needed

Kristen Kerr, DC