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The Story of Kathy (KMC) Weidner | Part II

Private: KMC | Celebrating 40 years in Chiropractic!
Throughout 2023, KMC University is celebrating our founder, Kathy (KMC) Weidner, for reaching an incredible milestone!


Kathys 40th logoContinued from Part 1…

In 1993, Kathy was asked by Dr. Arlen Fuhr, founder of Activator Methods, to develop and teach his nationwide Chiropractic Assistant (CA) training course. She also created products, such as The Quick Script Flip-Chart, and used this time to develop her training methods and hone her presenting skills. Kathy realized that, by taking her systems directly to doctors and staff, she could affect the profession in a profound way. Now doctors and their teams could learn together at the same time.

Kathy’s Personal Story

“When my husband was transferred to New York, I sent my resume and information to every chiropractor in the yellow pages phone book. I explained my background and my vision. The practice that reached out was the largest group practice in the state, and they needed a central administrator to oversee the billing department for all the offices. I flew in for an interview and was hired immediately.

Between 1994 and 1999, I served as Director of Income and Practice Administrator for the largest Chiropractic group practice in New York and successfully oversaw their conversion to multiple, profitable, multidisciplinary practices.

At any given time, this company had 10-20 doctors between 4 and 7 offices. It was a big, busy operation, and I was excited by the challenges. I added overseeing multiple offices to my repertoire. When the practices added MD and PT to selected offices, I participated in all the research on coding, billing, and credentialing. I began to formulate the process for conversion of the billing offices to include the MD and PT with chiropractic. It was among the most significant learning experiences of my life. They relied on me to help them get it right and keep it right. It is where my interest in healthcare compliance took hold. Now we had to dance on the razor’s edge of compliance in a way we never had before.

When I knew I would be in the DC area, I decided to send my resume to the American Chiropractic Association (ACA) on the chance I could use the knowledge I had gained to serve the whole profession. I met with Dr. Edwards who reviewed my resume, experience, and qualifications. He assured me that although he had no authority to hire staff at ACA, he could see that my credentials got into the right hands. That was good enough for me, and a week later, I heard from the VP of Administration for ACA. He asked me to come to DC for an interview. We talked about my experience and the fact that at that time, there were not many people in the ACA headquarters with direct chiropractic experience. Mr. Gary Cuneo, the Executive Director, and Ms. Patricia Jackson had that experience. Others in the building were experts at their specific roles in serving the profession. When I arrived for my interview, all five VPs asked to interview me. The natural fit was in the Department of Professional Development and Research and that is where I landed, working for the former Insurance Industry Executive Pat Jackson.”

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I wanted to thank you for your work with me on the HIPAA program. It is a huge undertaking and I can say with absolute certainty that I could not have done it without your help and all the work that you did behind the scene. I would tell anyone thinking about trying to do it on their own, not to waste their time and money and just sign up for this assistance.

Dr. Malcolm Williams