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Chiropractic Person of the YearKathy knows almost everything.

After 33 years teaching and training DCs and CAs how to run the business side of their practices, there’s very little that Kathy Mills Chang doesn’t know. But one thing she isn’t aware of is that we, her team, are writing this to you right now. (Don’t worry—we’ll let her have a peek before we publish it.)

Kathy is our founder, our fearless leader, and our friend. As of last week, she is also Parker Seminars’ Person of the Year. And the reasons why that came about are exactly why you want Kathy and KMC University on your team.

Chiropractic changed our lives.

Like you, like all of us, Kathy knows chiropractic changed her life—and she’s dedicated her career to repaying that debt. In 1983, Kathy was a lifelong asthmatic and a newly hired insurance CA. Chiropractic turned her health around, and she’s been a tireless advocate for the profession ever since.

Between 1983 and 2007, Kathy built, managed, and coached many high-volume chiropractic and multidisciplinary practices throughout the country, and served as the American Chiropractic Association’s primary staff contact for coding, insurance, Medicare, and other practice management issues.

When Kathy founded Kathy Mills Chang, Inc., in 2007, she was already an international lecturer, author, columnist, seminar leader and trainer. It is her vision that leads our team to stretch a little further every day to make sure every single one of our clients and customers reaches new heights in practice profitability and safety. It is her mission, and therefore KMC University’s, to ensure that the chiropractic profession survives, thrives, and evolves to its highest potential.

Kathy Mills Chang named Parker’s Chiropractic Person of the Year

Kathy was honored with Parker’s 2016 Person of the Year Award because of her longstanding and well-earned reputation as a “pace-setting entrepreneur and thought leader in the profession,” as Parker’s Dr. Mark Mandell said.

This is exactly why you want Kathy, KMC University, and our wealth of KMC University Library resources—including upgrade options that focus on compliance, with or without ongoing consultation—on your side.

You likely don’t have time to learn all there is to know about changing rules and regulations, and the nuances of coding and documentation. But we do. And we can help your team help you.

Need CEUs? Our members-only webinars offer a simple, easy way to earn two CEUs each month!

Refer a Friend: refer a colleague to the KMC University Library, and for each one who signs up, you’ll earn $99. Got enough friends? You may never have to pay for the Library again!


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