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Colleen Auchenbach DC MCS-P

Dr. Colleen Auchenbach
KMC University

Dr. Colleen Auchenbach, a practicing chiropractor for over 20 years, has recently joined the KMC University team as a Specialist. Because of her time in patient care as an associate doctor in a large practice, she understands the need for accurate, up to date information regarding documentation, coding, billing, and compliance. One of Dr. Colleen’s goals is to contribute to the chiropractic profession by supporting doctors and helping them reach for and attain peace of mind by lowering their risk through compliant practices, so that they can concentrate on caring for their patients.

Dr. Colleen graduated from Cleveland University in 1998. She completed the 100-hour Insurance Consultant/Peer Review certification in 2015 through Logan University College of Chiropractic and the certified Medical Compliance Specialist Physician (MCS-P) in 2016.

She has recently relocated to Florida chasing lifelong family dreams of living by the ocean.