Chiropractic documentation gap analysis

Recognize what’s missing to master your reimbursement and collections!

This Documentation Gap Analysis allows us to evaluate the significant components of your current Documentation program. It should take less than 5 minutes to complete.

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Need more guided help? Work with a KMC coach 1-on-1

Sometimes you need more than a self-service, on-demand program and need an expert to analyze your issues, train the corrections, and help you implement the changes, so they stick

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New Course Available!

This course explains the significant role chiropractic care can play in the sports industry and how a DC can succeed as a Sports Chiropractor. Start your steps to success here!

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There's no need to fear the OIG. We've got your back!

The most effective chiropractic OIG compliance programs are scaled according to the size of the practice!

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OIG Phase 1

KMC University’s OIG Compliance Program

Phase 1: Unveil the Power of Compliance

Unlock the Gateway to Ethical Excellence and Regulatory Resilience with KMC University’s OIG Compliance Program Phase 1!

  • Oig 1Discover Your Compliance Potential and Elevate Your Practice’s Integrity: Our 5-Chart Baseline Audit unveils hidden errors, empowering you to rectify compliance pitfalls before they tarnish your reputation.
  • Illuminate the Path to Success: With our Practice Billing Profile, gain deep insights into your practice’s financial health and coding accuracy, paving the way for financial prosperity.
  • Shield Your Practice from Risk: Our Explanation of Benefits (EOB) audit ensures every claim is bulletproof, safeguarding you against regulatory scrutiny and potential penalties.

Empower Your Team for Compliance Mastery

  • Inspire Compliance Champions: Designate your Compliance Officer (CO) and arm them with the knowledge and tools to spearhead your practice’s compliance journey.
  • Forge a Culture of Integrity: Instill the Code of Conduct into the DNA of your team, fostering a culture of ethical excellence and patient-centric care.

Ignite Growth with Proactive Compliance Measures

  • Chart a Course for Success: Receive a comprehensive Report of Findings and Recommendations, illuminating the path to compliance mastery and practice prosperity.

Elevate Your Practice with Compliance Confidence!

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Transform compliance from a burden into a strategic advantage. Join Phase 1 of our OIG Compliance Program and ignite a new era of ethical excellence and regulatory resilience!

Enroll now and unleash the power of compliance for your practice’s success!

Still not sure? Know if your practice is at risk before someone else does!

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Interested in learning more? Read about Phase 2 and Phase 3 of KMC University’s OIG Program!

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I want to say how very, very thankful I am that I "happened" onto a webinar Kathy had done on Chirotouch. It was a prerecorded webinar and I learned so very much. All I could think was," Wow, we so desperately need KMCU in our office." Ever since the first contact I made with Kathy, we have been nothing but blessed. She was so helpful. She had Yvette do a follow up with us, and the rest is history. The caring and concern the two of them showed us made me even more determined to be a member of KMCU. I thank God daily for allowing us to "discover" ya'll and will be forever thankful for all the help as well as the resources available to us.

Barbara, CCCA