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Using OATs to Drive Functional Goals

What Are Outcome Assessment Tools (OATs), and How Do They Help with My Chiropractic Documentation?

Outcome Assessment Tools (OATs) are standardized questionnaire tools that help your chiropractic patient report on their current state. There are a variety of Outcome Assessment Tools (OATs) available today making it sometimes difficult to decide which one to use. When considering which OATs are best suited for your practice, you will want to consider several key factors, for example:

  • Body Region/Subject Matter
  • ADLs Covered
  • Time and Skill required to complete by the patient
  • Scoring
  • Do you have the legal right to use the tool?

How Do Outcome Assessment Tools (OATs) Help My Chiropractic Medicare Documentation?

In order to meet the quality reporting requirements as specified by CMS in their PQRS program, chiropractors who send claims to Medicare for Chiropractic Manipulative Therapy (CMT) using the codes 98940, 98941 or 98942 must submit a Functional Outcome Assessment (FOA) also known as Outcome Assessment Tools (OATs) for each visit during which a CMT is performed.

How Can the Use of Outcome Assessment Tools (OATs) Help My Chiropractic Documentation?

You will want to select the one that best evaluates each patient’s functional deficits in order to utilize the results for creating treatment goals. Outcome Assessment Tools (OATs)

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I want to say how very, very thankful I am that I "happened" onto a webinar Kathy had done on Chirotouch. It was a prerecorded webinar and I learned so very much. All I could think was," Wow, we so desperately need KMCU in our office." Ever since the first contact I made with Kathy, we have been nothing but blessed. She was so helpful. She had Yvette do a follow up with us, and the rest is history. The caring and concern the two of them showed us made me even more determined to be a member of KMCU. I thank God daily for allowing us to "discover" ya'll and will be forever thankful for all the help as well as the resources available to us.

Barbara, CCCA