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Timed Coding Rules

Some CPT Codes Are Time-Based

Timed codes require the use of proper methodology to ensure accurate chiropractic documentation and chiropractic coding that will result in appropriate reimbursement for these services. You must have a baseline understanding of supervised modalities, constant attendance modalities, and therapeutic procedures to begin with. Counting time and including clock time in your chiropractic documentation will help define the care rendered and show the appropriateness of reimbursement for your chiropractic coding choices.

How Much Time Is Needed to Use Timed Coding Choices in a Chiropractic Office

Timed Codes consider the amount of time utilized to perform the service as a component of the code itself. In the realm of physical medicine, timed codes tend to be in 15-minute increments. For the code to be valid and billable, they provider must perform the service for at least 15 minutes.

Coding Audits

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