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The Story of Kathy (KMC) Weidner | Part IV

Throughout 2023, KMC University is celebrating our founder, Kathy (KMC) Weidner, for reaching an incredible milestone!


Kathys 40th logoContinued from Part III…

Since 2007, Kathy’s focus has been on Kathy Mills Chang (KMC), Inc and its training and implementation via KMC University. Leading a team of professionals to deliver cutting edge training and curriculum, Kathy’s motivation is to ensure doctors make and keep more money. Through the KMC University online curriculum, training modules, seminars, and materials, the proven and effective KMC reimbursement techniques reside in hundreds of practices around the country. This is the culmination of a vision to bring her own personal brand of expertise to the profession which started way back in 1983.

Kathy’s Personal Story

“I started out on my own with some fear and trepidation. I wasn’t sure that I should do when I was contacted by a few state associations and individual doctors to work directly with them. I offered to come to a practice and spend a day or two onsite to analyze and train. This turned out to be wonderful introduction to what would come.

I developed a database of doctors who had contacted me and started by offering my own webinars here in Colorado along with live webinars in other locations. I allowed doctors to join a mailing list in which they were notified when I was conducting training. Eventually, these trainings were recorded and provided as CDs at my speaking events. I even created a professional coding DVD called Cracking the Code.

As the company grew, we developed memberships for coaching and training on specific topics. We aimed to be an on-demand company that would provide both training and auditing services. As we developed content, we decided to codify this information into an online, subscription-based catalog of training.

During this growth stage I was privileged to be a consultant and advisor to many industry giants like Foot Levelers, BioFreeze, Thera-Band, Future Health Software, ChiroTouch Software and ChiroHealthUSA. Over time, I became a member of these speaker bureaus and continued to speak throughout the profession, including Chiropractic Colleges.

In 2009, n collaboration with my longtime mastermind partner and friend, Bill Esteb, we created a set of Chiropractic Documentation Paperwork. Bill always had an interest in  this, but more on the patient side. I could supply the knowledge on the clinical side. This customized paperwork has been purchased by thousands of providers and is still in use in practices today. Although many providers use Electronic Health Records, we incorporate this paperwork into our KMC University training. It aids our coaches in starting with the basics of
documentation and allows them to be prompted as to what should be included.

Nodding to our previous memberships, like Safety Net and Community College (2013), in 2015 we launched the KMC University Library Program. This was a subscription to all the content in the Library, with unlimited access and an email HelpDesk. This membership has become the flagship program from which our other programs have evolved. Our coaching programs have morphed in to 1-on-1 training, compliance implementation, and on-demand coaching/consultations and analysis.

I decided I wanted to explore additional learning and certifications to represent the knowledge I’d gained. In 2011, I became a Certified Medical Compliance Specialist (MCS-P). In 2015, I became a Certified Chiropractic Professional Coder (CCPC), which at that time there were fewer than 100 in the country. In 2022, I became a Certified Professional Compliance Officer (CPCO).

After speaking at several of the Chiropractic Colleges, I became interested in how I could help with student education. Since then, in 2019 D’Youville College in New York began contracting with us to provide online training for their student business classes. We continue to enjoy this working relationship to this day.

Northeast College of Health Sciences (formerly NYCC) engaged KMC University to assist with compliance training and implementation in their health centers. We have been working with them now for four years helping with HIPAA and OIG compliance. During the pandemic, because of our relationship with NCHS, we were able to quickly deploy additional online training content to assist NCHS with serving their students while they were all working from home. We continue to explore ways we can support their faculty with our online training in documentation, coding, billing, compliance, and finances.

When the FCLB decided to begin a national certification called, Certified Clinical Chiropractic Assistant (CCCA), I was called upon to assist with creating the testing element and cut score. I was certified as a CCCA when it was created and have maintained it since. As of 2023, we are proud to be able to offer a Chiropractic Assistant certification course for those interested in taking the national examination. I’ve been a strong supporter of the program, assisting with spreading the word about its importance throughout the profession.”

40 Years Later

In 2022, KMC University launched a brand-new website and learning management system. All the KMC University content was refreshed and reviewed two years prior to launch. This new platform allows for cleaner tracking of individual users within a clinic or school with the group dashboard feature. And here we are, forty years later and the KMC University Library has:

  • Over 40 full training courses and one certification course containing 237 training modules.
  • Over 90 Rapid Solutions, which are topic-specific trainings on one concept for quick and easy learning.
  • Over 1200 individual resources of which 94 are training videos

We have come a long way since 1983 and look forward to serving the chiropractic community and our KMC University family members for many more years. Thank you for being a part of the journey.

Image Image

KMC program is totally worth it. They helped us figure out a better system to bill insurance. Rebecca was super nice and helpful! Our clinic is finally getting paid on insurance claims. Thank you for all your help!

Isabel G.