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Medicare always seems to be the elephant in the room—there's no "opting out," the risks of non-compliance are many, and this federal program is the trailblazer for every third-party payer in the country. All private insurers look to Medicare to set the regulatory standards and provider rules. It is your responsibility to learn the rules for Medicare; to get really clear about what Medicare expects from you, and then get back to doing what you love: caring for your patients.

In this training we begin with the very basics facts about Medicare, then take you through its specific documentation requirements, billing and coding for Medicare patients, and collecting for your services. We have even included details on the Medicare Appeals process—should you have to trudge down that path.

At any time, if you would like assistance with a training concept or would like someone to look over something you are working on, please feel free to click HERE to purchase a 20-25 minute consultation with one of our specialists at your discounted cost of $39 (Use code LIB39 for discount). This brief conversation often helps a doctor or team member to solidify a concept or clear up a confusing topic. Please also use the Live HelpDesk by calling 855-KMCUNOW or email your questions to for further clarification.