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Documenting Routine Office Visits

Chiropractic Documentation of Routine Office Visits

The majority of patient charting in a chiropractic setting include routine daily visits during active, medically necessary care visits. The requirements for third-party payers include quality visit notes for chiropractic and physical treatments.

Meeting Requirements for Charting Routine Chiropractic Office Visits

Thorough, quality documentation for chiropractic and physical therapy treatments is required to explain the patient’s progress including proving medical necessity of care. It is important to keep in mind that Medicare compliant daily note documentation of must also include proper PART Documentation.

Create a System to Ensure Your Success with Documentation in Your Chiropractic Practice

Establish a documentation system which meets or exceeds third party or government auditors’ expectations, and utilizes written policy and standard operating procedures (SOP) to be compliant and successful.

Search below for more information on documenting your chiropractic treatment plan process in your chiropractic practice.

Join the KMC University Library to learn what you need to know about documenting routine office visit in your chiropractic documentation, so that your chiropractic patients story makes sense to anyone who reviews your chiropractic documentation.

Third Party Routine Office Visit Documentation

Basic Routine Office Visit Documentation

Documentation of Modalities and Procedures

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