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Documenting Chiropractic Medical Necessity

How Do I Show Medical Necessity in My Chiropractic Documentation?

Medical Necessity is only a concern in your chiropractic practice, when you are dealing with a third-party payer, like Medicare. A large differentiator between medically necessary care (chiropractic care a third-party payer deems worthy of payment) and clinically appropriate care (chiropractic care that is necessary for your patient health and well-being but is not reimbursable) is whether or not a functional deficit exists and can be resolved through proper chiropractic treatment.

What Element Can Help My Chiropractic Documentation Prove Medical Necessity?

A critical element in your chiropractic documentation will be the identification of your patient’s functional deficit and a written treatment plan containing a functional goal to resolve that functional deficit. Your written treatment plan will show that your goal is achievable with proper chiropractic treatment.

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