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Documenting Assessment and Diagnosis

The Significance of Documenting Your Chiropractic Patient’s Initial Assessment

The initial assessment is the basis for documentation of your chiropractic patient evaluation including the patient’s condition as well as prognosis. This crucial assessment step must never be missed, dismissed, or considered redundant in your practice, because, it does clarify, augment and add important facts to your chiropractic documentation including your diagnosis and treatment plan.

Documentation of the Assessment Process and Diagnostic Decisions in Your Chiropractic Practice

Search below for more information on documenting your chiropractic assessment process and diagnostic decision-making process in your chiropractic practice.

Join the KMC University Library to learn what you need include to know about documenting your chiropractic assessment process and diagnostic decision-making process in your chiropractic documentation, so that your chiropractic patients story makes sense to anyone who reviews your chiropractic documentation.

Documenting Initial Assessment

Clinical Diagnosis Process

Mechanical Diagnosis Process


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Thank you for the recap summary and for your wonderful insight. We're so pleased that we can call the HelpDesk and speak to such knowledgeable responders such as yourself!  We've been so grateful for you guys.

Dr. Crystal Nix