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Documentation of Re-Evaluations

Proper Chiropractic Documentation in Re-Evaluations/Re-Examinations

Based on the Council on Chiropractic Guidelines and Practice Parameters (CCGPP) at www.ClinicalCompass.orgre-evaluations to determine your patient’s progress are required every 30 days from the time of your initial chiropractic examination at a minimum.

This means, that from an auditor’s perspective, visits beyond the required 30 days without a re-evaluation will be denied as not medically necessary.

Re-evaluations afford the Opportunity for Patient Education

While doctors may choose to utilize the re-evaluation process as an educational opportunity, patients may not understand or appreciate re-evaluation due to potential out-of-pocket costs and additional time required in the office unrelated to direct treatment.

When the doctor presents the re-examination as an educational report, patients leave the visit with greater knowledge of their own health and an understanding the need for additional care to meet their health goals.

Lifestyle Changes Can Be Easily Recommended and Acted Upon

re-evaluation affords an opportunity to discuss the patient’s lifestyle and health habits in order to deliver optimum levels of care. After a successful course of treatment, at the re-evaluation, a patient is invested and may be open to your influence to stop smoking, lose weight, or see their medical doctor about their high blood pressure or depression; meaning a few minutes of discussion could change their life forever.

Discharge from Active Treatment

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Thank you so much for reaching out to me. You made my day! Covid has rocked my practice as I have had to change most things about practicing. Not a bad thing, just new. To know that you and your team still strive to continually improve and stay on top of a tumultuous environment, is truly inspiring. Thank you all for being the heroes we didn't even know we needed

Kristen Kerr, DC