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Thank you so much for having the OIG Compliance Manual and Training on your site. I went ahead and got it for our office and was able to sit down and get our manual written within a very short period of time. I loved that I was able to make it personal to our office. Now that is written, we use it every week to train in our staff meetings. This helps us keep everyone on the same page, sets standards for staff members to follow, and it's also easy to add or delete things as needed. Worth the peace of mind!

Elizabeth Hiles

Mountain View Chiropractic Center



Lee and Natalie Horine

Trying to sort through Medicare on our own was a bit overwhelming, especially while spending all of our time and energy on building our new practice. We signed up with KMC University and they shouldered all of the load and made the process incredibly simple - we just filled out their questionnaire and that's it - they did the rest. And they were such a pleasure to work with. Every interaction was like talking with good friends (who just so happen to be Medicare experts). Three weeks after submitting KMC University's questionnaire, we received our PTAN, which was remarkable! Way faster than the six months we were told to expect by Medicare. Save yourself valuable time and sign up . . . you'll be glad you did.

Dr. Lee Horine and Dr. Natalie Horine

Horine Chiropractic



Just had an hour consult that will honestly change everything we do regarding insurance and medicare (for the better). Thank you for your awesome services!

Dr. Michael Nichols

Gateways to Healing

Dr. Sarah Brady

As our office is updated on all of the new government HIPAA policies and compliance we needed knowledgeable professionals on our side. The ongoing outstanding customer service, expertise, and professionalism we receive from KMC University is priceless! Becky was extremely helpful and she guided me through the process of compliance with confidence and reassurance. The entire staff at KMC University seems to be thoroughly trained and well-versed in the compliance standards that chiropractic offices are now required to follow. It’s very nice to know we now have a compliance team on our side. Thank you, KMC University, for allowing us to get back to what we do best in the office - helping patients achieve their wellness goals! Thanks again, KMC University!

Sarah Brady, MSW

Specialized Family Chiropractic

Dr. Patricia Petrie

Being a part of KMC University is similar to having a guardian angel sitting on your shoulder. It is a place of comfort while bringing an "old office" up to date on all the new regulatory changes and deadlines, while improving every aspect of the office from documentation, to coding . . . to the new ICD-10 codes. KMC University helps with individual coaching in all areas to identify opportunities for improvement and develop them into strengths.

Patricia Petrie DC

Patricia Petrie Chiropractic Clinic

After 35 years in practice you would think that our office procedures would be impeccable. However, with all the changes in healthcare and compliance issues an expert team is needed for guidance. The KMC University team has been profoundly efficient in helping me and my staff to implement these changes. The PhD program, with a private consultant, was definitely the right choice for my clinic. I would recommend this organization to anyone, as they are an elite team.

Alan B. Carnathan D. C.

Greers Ferry