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Monthly Collections Target Sheet

Set and track collections goals with this easy-to-use support tool.

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Collections are the lifeblood of any practice. While doctors don’t want to obsess over the daily collections, it’s important to be aware of trends during the monthly ebbs and flows. This Support Tool allows a team member to set up this tracking spreadsheet monthly and allow it to do the heavy lifting of keeping track of collections, the progress toward the collections goal, and to alert staff when collections fall behind the curve necessary to reach the goal. Doctors and key team members get an at-a-glance look at this important statistic so they can manage it easily. Decide as a team what the monthly goal is, plug it into this tool, and then simply add the daily totals. Then sit back and watch as the tool tells you what you need to know to be on top of your collections efforts, every single day. This tool includes an instructional webinar that walks you through its use and set-up. 


  • Better management of monthly collection efforts from key billing and collections team members
  • The ability to watch for descending trends in collections and catch them ahead of time, as well as add extra effort when it’s needed before disastrous collections problems manifest
  • A clear system for notification to the doctor or practice manager of exactly how collections are going, and what the expectations are, in an easy-to-administer procedure
  • Exact knowledge, as often as daily, if needed, of where monthly collections are, so additional effort or “all hands on deck” can be instituted to keep collections flowing 
  • With proper management, more consistent and smooth collections will be realized, because what gets measured, gets managed

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  • Monthly Collections Target Sheet