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Coding CMT

Learn the proper coding of CMT and implement procedures to keep your CMT billing and documentation accurate.

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In a chiropractic practice, the chiropractic adjustment code or CMT code is likely the most frequently billed service. These CMT codes are more complicated than one might think and this can contribute to billing errors or missteps. Especially when you factor in the nuances of active or maintenance care and the wide variety of adjusting techniques that could be used. In this lesson, you will learn the proper coding of manipulative therapy for third-party billing or for patients paying out-of-pocket for their care.

  • Correctly use CMT codes with proper modifiers for both medically necessary and clinically appropriate treatment
  • Determine how CMT ratios are calculated and used by third-party payers
  • Determine how secondary, compensatory regions are considered in coding
  • Customize a written policy and SOP regarding the usage of CMT codes in your office

Coding CMT Implementation Guide

Fact Sheets:

  • Resource-Based Relative Value Scale
  • Chiropractic Manipulative Treatment (CMT) Codes
  • Subluxation Patterns in Full Spine Adjusting: Medically Necessary or Clinically Appropriate?
  • CPT Coding Audits

Rapid Tutorial:

  • Coding for Manipulative Treatment: An Overview

Sample Policies:

  • Coding CMT
  • Coding Subluxation Documentation Policy
  • SOP Proper Use of Chiropractic Manipulative Treatment (CMT)

Support Tools:

  • Coding Audit Tool
  • SOP Proper Use of Chiropractic Manipulative Treatment (CMT)