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Consultation and Guidance

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Sometimes you just need an expert in your corner… for 20 minutes, an hour, a few months, or even to come to your office for a couple of days. That’s what we’re here for.

A stubborn unpaid claim, a tricky records request, a sudden loss of an experienced employee… all circumstances when practices have reached out for on-demand assistance from our experts. To simply get help when you need it.

“I don’t know what I don’t know”

What if you could leverage 250 years of chiropractic, compliance, and reimbursement experience, when you need it? That’s how easy it is to access our consultation and advisory services. Purchase time for what you need, when you need it, and be matched with a specialist that has a depth of knowledge in your area of concern. Need a baseline audit to start a compliance program? Or a second set of eyes on documentation before it’s sent for a records request? This is where we thrive!

Our Help Desk is an extension of your practice team

An unnecessary number of hours can be lost when a team member has to spin their wheels in an unfamiliar sea of insurance jargon and rule. Issues that can take your team hours or days to solve, we can solve in a fraction of that time. KMC University Library members have unlimited access to our HelpDesk team, by email or phone, at the exact moment you need it most. Non-members can access paid assistance, on-demand, anytime.

You choose how you get help

Whether a 20-minute quick consultation or an analysis and resolution of a thorny problem that takes a bit longer, you get to decide how and when to use our services. Sometimes, a practice needs an onsite analysis, an annual HIPAA Risk Assessment, team training, or problem resolution that necessitates an expert flying in for a day or two. If that’s what you need, we’re there in a jiffy.

Use our knowledge, experience and resources to reduce your burden and bring ease and peace of mind to your practice.





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I want to say how very, very thankful I am that I "happened" onto a webinar Kathy had done on Chirotouch. It was a prerecorded webinar and I learned so very much. All I could think was," Wow, we so desperately need KMCU in our office." Ever since the first contact I made with Kathy, we have been nothing but blessed. She was so helpful. She had Yvette do a follow up with us, and the rest is history. The caring and concern the two of them showed us made me even more determined to be a member of KMCU. I thank God daily for allowing us to "discover" ya'll and will be forever thankful for all the help as well as the resources available to us.

Barbara, CCCA