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Quick Reference Tool 3-Pack Bundle

This bundle provides tips, terminology, and guidelines across Medicare, documentation, and ICD-10 diagnosis codes.


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Quick Reference Tool 3-Pack Bundle

3-pack bundle of KMC University Quick Reference Tools

  • Chiropractic Medicare Quick Reference Tool: A step-by-step roadmap, intended to provide doctors and team members with a high-level overview of each stage in the journey of a Medicare patient, both clinically and financially, through your office.
  • Chiropractic Documentation Quick Reference Tool: Go-to guide to the most important aspects of chiropractic documentation requirements for both initial and subsequent visits.
  • ICD-10 Quick Reference Tool: Contains the most commonly used ICD-10 diagnosis codes used in most chiropractic offices. Quick tips, hints, a glossary, code descriptions and other guidelines are sprinkled throughout this invaluable and easy-to-use tool.

Chiropractic Medicare Quick Reference Tool

  • Handy tool that doctors and team members can expect to use daily
  • Not meant to replace ongoing, comprehensive Medicare training
  • Practical device for quick reference use by both DC and CAs

Chiropractic Documentation Quick Reference Tool

  • Better understanding of required elements in documentation for chiropractors
  • Ability to access a quick and easy reference for key components of the most common documentation fundamentals
  • Recognize crucial aspects of initial and routine visit documentation requirements in an easy to read format

ICD-10 Quick Reference Tool

  • Ready resource for the most common ICD-10 diagnosis codes
  • Handy tips to help avoid frequent ICD-10 pitfalls
  • Understand how to construct an ICD-10 diagnosis
  • Understand the language behind coding descriptions
  • Chiropractic Medicare Quick Reference Tool
  • Chiropractic Documentation Quick Reference Tool
  • ICD-10 Quick Reference Tool