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Practice Performance Profile

This is where we want every potential client or customer to start. Moving forward without an analysis of your practice and its performance is like proceeding with a treatment plan without an exam. Get clear on where you stand in all the key departments of your practice, from coding and documentation to Medicare, billing and collections, reimbursement, and patient finances.

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Just like a chiropractor with a new patient, in order to uncover the cause of a practice’s performance issues, we must review a history of the practice’s procedures and structure, do an examination of a year’s worth of code usage, reimbursement, and statistics, and look deep into the practice systems to arrive at our diagnosis and render a recommended plan. Once this is complete, we can pinpoint reimbursement deficits, missed opportunities, and coding and billing errors that are costing you money every day. We also uncover any compliance risk through a review of practice systems and statistical analysis. Recommending what a potential customer or client needs without the benefit of this data is like recommending an aspirin for his/her back pain. The symptoms may be covered up and the pain might disappear for a while, but without having revealed the cause of the problem, it will likely return. This is where we want every potential client or customer to start.

  • Know the cause of the problems you face in the areas of coding, documentation, billing, collections, Medicare, and patient financial systems, so that you can be directed to the specific resolution necessary
  • Identification of the specific risks in your practice that are red flags for compliance concerns, which can lead to recoupment and audits
  • Discovery of an average of $30,000 per year of neglected income opportunities, currently being left on the table
  • Precise measurement of the level of compliance risk that your practice is exposed to, categorized for ease of correcting the concerns
  • A step-by-step plan, organized by risk and reward, of what is necessary to regain control of your practice’s finances and to circumvent the threat of non-compliance
  • A report card of your practice’s function that serves as a guided road map to correcting these practice problems, once and for all
  • In-depth analysis of your entire practice's systems, procedures, and performance by our certified specialists
  • One-on-one written report of findings