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One Hour Consultation

One of our most popular products, the one-hour consultation can be used for a multitude of topics that arise in your office. Whether you have several basic questions on a variety of topics or one big issue in the office that you would like to get solved once and for all, our certified compliance specialists are available to get you the answers you need. This time with a specialist might be used to get assistance with a Records Request from a third party payer, to get some training on Medicare ABN usage, to discuss some suggested scripting or office procedures, or to get a critique of your documentation in real time with a specialist. Because this consultation time could be used for any area in the office where you might need further clarification, this is our most versatile way to assist you outside of our coaching option. This consultation is a great way to get the answers you need to some of the more in-depth questions you might have.

Consultation Services

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When you need an in-depth explanation, some background details regarding compliance issues, help solving some billing denial mystery, assistance preparing records to send out, or anything else that warrants a conversation with an expert, this is a great choice for you. Sometimes an email or webinar is not enough because your office operates in a unique environment or you need answers fast. Our specialists are on hand to hear your situation and guide you to the solutions and resources you need to get you on the right track.

Note: KMC University Library members pay just $250 for the One Hour Consultation! (normally $350, a $100 savings for you).

  • Immediate answers to pressing in-depth questions or concerns that need handled right away
  • The ability to resolve a problem or question from recognized experts with no commitment beyond the time purchased
  • The amount of staff time and money saved when you can get an answer right away with clear definition on the next action steps far exceeds the cost of the purchase

60 minutes of time provided by a Certified Medical Compliance Specialist.

Any time spent reviewing documents or researching a specific topic is included in the 60 minutes total.

Examples of 60 minute projects:

  • One entire patient chart could be reviewed verbally
  • Patient fees assessed for the practice
  • Records request preparation assistance
  • Insurance Billing issues resolved