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OIG Compliance Set Up

Learn the basics of the Office Compliance Program and get the first steps to setting up your office compliance program.

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This training concept is designed to introduce you to the Office Compliance Program. It will take you through some of the first steps in setting up your office compliance program. It will also introduce you to OIG compliance and the eight elements involved in it. If you are a subscriber of the Library Plus Compliance membership, the materials, guidance, sample policies and training necessary to implement your full OIG Compliance Program will follow this lesson.

  • Explain what a compliance program is and what it is designed to accomplish in the practice
  • Cite the eight elements required for OIG compliance and initiate a compliance program
  • Determine the sections needed for an office compliance program
  • Conduct and record training and determine when to train

OIG Compliance Set Up Implementation Guide

Fact Sheet:

  • The 8 Elements of an OIG Compliance Program

Quick Questionnaires:

  • Self-Assessment of OIG Compliance Program Implementation
  • Self-Assessment of Office Compliance Program Sections

Rapid Tutorial:

  • How to Start an Office Compliance Program

Support Tools:

  • Applying the Self-Assessment for Office Compliance Program Sections Questionnaire
  • KMC University's Compliance Officer’s Job Description
  • Code of Conduct Implementation
  • Sample Agenda and Scripting for Initial Compliance Meeting
  • Employee Training Attendance Sheet