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Medicare Revalidation

Want your Medicare revalidation to go through quickly and easily, the first time? Let us do it for you!

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To maintain Medicare billing privileges, a provider must resubmit and recertify the accuracy of its enrollment information every 5 years. All providers and suppliers currently billing the Medicare program or initially enrolling in the Medicare program are required to complete the applicable enrollment application. The provider or supplier then enters a 5-year revalidation cycle once a completed enrollment application is submitted and validated.

You can wait until you’re notified of your due date (and you have six months from the day you receive that notification to complete your revalidation), but acting as soon as you are within 6-months of your due date means you can stop worrying about it.

Let our experts complete the process for you quickly and efficiently.

  • Uninterrupted Medicare enrollment that avoids red flags and the need for re-registration
  • Done right, by certified specialists, with KMC University’s promise of “we got this”!
  • Ability to focus on other practice-related issues while we manage this necessary, but tiresome task
  • Brief analysis of your enrollment situation to ensure revalidation is necessary
  • We’ll do the work for you, ensuring that it is complete when revalidation is accepted by your Medicare contractor
  • KMC University’s specialists usher your application through to completion