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How Medicare Works With Chiropractic

Understand the subtle nuances of chiropractic coverage in Medicare Part B.

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Chiropractors have the only specialty practice that Medicare limits to three (3) covered billing codes (98940-98942). In addition to that anomaly, chiropractors must self-police the medical necessity for the use of those three codes by including modifiers to distinguish when a previously covered service is no longer covered because it isn’t maintenance care. Mistakes and misconceptions are bound to arise from these confusing details, so we are offering this training program to explain the subtle nuances of chiropractic coverage in Medicare Part B.

  • Recognize the medical necessity parameters and limitations of Medicare coverage for chiropractors
  • Clarify any misconceptions regarding opting out or treating Medicare patients without proper enrollment
  • Utilize this information to better explain Medicare chiropractic reimbursement to patients

How Medicare Works with Chiropractic Implementation Guide

Fact Sheets:

  • Medicare and the Limitations of Chiropractic Coverage
  • Opting Out of the Medicare Program
  • Limiting the Number of Accepted Medicare Patients

Rapid Tutorial:

  • How Medicare Works with Chiropractic

Reference Tools:

  • MLM Overview of Chiropractic Medicare
  • Misinformation on Chiropractic Services