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The increase in computer hacking and data breaches has shined bright light on the issue of data security and privacy. Many states have adopted privacy regulations that even exceed the federal guidelines. Now is NOT the time to have an out-of-date program.

It’s been said that on the “dark web”, a credit card number is worth about $1.00. However, a health insurance credential is worth about $10.00. If hackers follow the path of least resistance, it stands to reason that small practices are the most vulnerable to data breaches if their HIPAA privacy and security program has been neglected.

HIPAA fines and penalties are real, and costly. If we asked you to show us your Compliance Manual (keeping in mind that a dusty HIPAA manual on a shelf is not true compliance), could you do it? Could you introduce us to your assigned HIPAA Compliance Officer? What if we asked for a copy of your most recent HIPAA Risk Assessment report? Could you produce a list of all your Business Associates and their signed agreements? Our data shows that 8 of 10 practices can’t produce an up-to-date, well-managed HIPAA program. KMC University is dedicated to ensuring that your practice isn’t one of those 8.

This confidential consultation is a time for us to learn about your current HIPAA compliance program and determine your state of readiness. We’ll provide you with an outline of our findings and how to address each item.

Chances are that you have never had a certified specialist review your HIPAA program and your practice’s current state of HIPAA preparedness. Now is your chance! With this consultation, you can count on us to evaluate your current situation and apply our expertise in a “safe environment” to expose areas that may be placing your practice at risk. By the end of the consultation, when you receive our written report, you will know:

  • The status of your current Risk Assessment and Risk Management Action Assignments as required by HIPAA
  • The level of compliance in place for the use of your Notice of Privacy Practices, including whether it’s posted in all the required locations, and whether it was updated as required during the HIPAA Omnibus implementation
  • Whether your Business Associate Agreement and listings are up to date as required
  • Any areas of issue with your program that must be brought into compliance immediately, or whether your program is tip-top
  • Confidential, dedicated review of your existing HIPAA Compliance program by a certified specialist
  • Up to 20-25 minutes by phone or in an online meeting to evaluate your current program
  • A detailed report that includes our findings on each of four specific areas we reviewed, including Basic HIPAA Compliance, Current Policies and Procedures, Security of ePHI, and required Staff Management and Training
  • A Follow-Up Email with the details of your consultation, a copy of your personalized report, and recommended next steps, if any