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Coding Muscle Therapies - 97124 & 97140

Learn to properly code these fantastic adjuncative therapies that improve clinical outcomes.

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Chiropractors are the most common employer for the massage therapy profession for a very good reason. Muscle work such as massage and manual therapy are some fantastic adjunctive treatments to chiropractic because they dramatically improve patient clinical outcomes. However, there are specific restrictions on these services when performed along with chiropractic manipulation. This lesson will take a closer look at the coding of therapeutic muscle work. The most commonly reported codes for this type of work, will be Therapeutic Massage (97124) and Manual Therapy (97140).

  • Differentiate between the CPT codes 97124 and 97140 for clinical application, proper billing, and documentation
  • Employ appropriate modifiers when the codes listed above are used in conjunction with chiropractic manipulative treatment (CMT.)
  • Customize a written policy and SOP regarding the use of the muscle therapy codes in your office

Coding Muscle Therapies – 97124 & 97140 Implementation Guide

Fact Sheet:

  • Coding and Billing Muscle Work

Rapid Tutorial:

  • Coding Muscle Therapies

Sample Policies:

  • Coding Muscle Work – 97124 & 97140
  • SOP for Muscle Therapies

Support Tools:

  • Aetna 97140 Appeal
  • CMT & 97140 General Appeal
  • 97124 CMT Appeal