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Chiropractic Medicare Quick Reference Tool (QRT)

KMC University’s Medicare Decision Making Matrix illustrates how chiropractic works as a Medicare provider.


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Medicare can be a worrisome, frustrating payer class to deal with within a chiropractic practice. Here at KMC University, we think Medicare can be the easiest class of patients to deal with based on the clear regulations and instruction provided. Our Medicare quick reference tool is a step-by-step roadmap, intended to provide doctors and team members with a high-level overview of each stage in the journey of a Medicare patient, both clinically and financially, through your office. Soon you’ll be brimming with confidence when you have the opportunity to welcome a Medicare patient to your office.

  • Medicare Details... At Your Fingertips: The most common questions about Medicare answered succinctly, conveniently…and most important, correctly!
  • The 12-Step Medicare Roadmap: From enrollment to initial visits and from routine visits to billing and collections, and even appeals, it’s all here! We’ve broken down the most important tips and tricks in this simple-to-follow, step-by-step guide.
  • Medicare Decision Making... Made Easy: Easy-to-follow flowcharts and algorithms to determine whether a Medicare patient’s visit may be active or maintenance care and whether or not a Medicare ABN is required. These two confounding Medicare determinations are solved here, once and for all.
  • Medicare Episodes of Care: Quick tips and guidance for DCs to feel more confident than ever about including every detail required in Medicare documentation.
  • Medicare’s Frequently Used Acronyms and Terms: Your go-to page for information, whether you’re brand new to chiropractic Medicare or a veteran of the Medicare battlefield.


Chiropractic Medicare QRT

As a handy tool, doctors and team members can expect to use this reference on a daily basis. Our QRT is not meant to replace ongoing, comprehensive Medicare training, but rather to be a practical device for quick reference use by both doctors and team members. Having this reference at your fingertips is a must for every DC and CA. Comprehensive Medicare training is available as a part of our KMC University Library.

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Chiropractic Medicare Quick Reference ToolAn eight-page fold-out tool made of 100% recyclable, virtually-indestructible, waterproof YUPO paper. Each page is 8.5 X 11 with fold-out panels.