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New Medicare Card Scam Alert

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New Medicare cards started mailing this month

As most of you know by now, Medicare is issuing new cards with social security numbers removed to reduce fraud. The new cards are being sent to the Medicare recipient’s address that Medicare has on file beginning this month and continuing through the end of the year. If you are unaware of this, you should read our recent blog post: New Medicare Cards Coming Soon!

With new Medicare cards, come new scams

New Medicare Card Scam

And with the rollout of new cards, scammers are attempting to take advantage by calling and telling seniors that they need to provide personal information to the callers to receive their new cards. Yet another con involves beneficiaries being told they have a refund on their old Medicare cards and need to provide their bank information to process the return of the funds. Medicare wants enrollees to know that they don't have to do anything to receive their cards (as long as their address is correct), and there is no activation process or fee. Also, Medicare will never initiate calls and ask to verify personal information over the phone.

Please alert your clients, patients, family members and friends that Medicare does not call people! If they receive a call regarding their new Medicare card, just hang up the phone without providing any personal or financial information.

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