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Chiropractic Co-Payments for Vermonters

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Vermont Chiropractic Association

A Message from the Vermont Chiropractic Association

As Vermonters look to select health insurance plans from the Vermont Health Exchange for 2019, they will notice a sharp decrease in chiropractic co-payments for the silver and bronze level plans. During the special session this past June, Legislators passed S.1, an act limiting the co-payment requirement for chiropractic care visits to that of a co-payment for primary care visits. Governor Scott signed the bill into law on June 25, 2018.

The Vermont Chiropractic Association (VCA) worked tirelessly alongside policy makers to ensure Vermonters can afford safe, effective, opioid-free treatments for musculo-skeletal injuries. Rather than $75 and $90 co-payments on the silver and bronze health exchange plans, chiropractic visits will cost the same as primary care visits, $25 or $30. The VCA applauds legislators for taking necessary steps to combat the opioid epidemic VT faces by making chiropractic care more accessible.

A formal press release is forthcoming in the next few weeks. It can be reviewed directly through the VCA website by clicking here.