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We want to help you increase reimbursement and decrease risk. Here, you'll find free information and tools to support you in having the practice you want and deserve. Take one of our Self-Assessments, browse our blog, check out our most frequently asked questions (FAQs), or look for valuable and free how-to demos, tools, and in-depth articles as well as the latest and most relevant news. KMC University is your go-to resource for chiropractic reimbursement and compliance!


Are you at risk for non-compliance, records requests, or audits? is it possible you're leaving hard-earned money on the table due to incorrect coding or billing practices? Find out with our free Self-Assessment evaluations covering each one of our areas of focus.

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From in-depth articles exploring hot topics in the industry to detailed how-tos about reimbursement and compliance, our blog puts a wealth of information at your fingertips. Check back often for new entries!

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At KMC University, we're constantly reading, studying, and acquiring the very latest information about the chiropractic profession—and you are the ultimate beneficiary of our diligence! When we come across something we know will benefit you, we link to it here.

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Get the inside scoop on our profession! We stay on top of relevant and breaking news so that you're up to date on issues that could affect your practice's financial performance.


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