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Patient Finances

Inducements and dual fee schedules and illegal time-of-service discounts—oh, my!

Most members of our profession became chiropractors because of a genuine desire to help patients achieve optimal well-being. So it’s tempting (and extremely risky) to apply that same generous spirit to extending discounts and free services to your practice community. Don't do it! Chiropractic patient finances require that DCs follow the rules and adhere to a written fee schedule. Let us help you increase revenue and decrease risk.

Patient Finances FAQ

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Payment Changes for 2018: How Hard Will You Be Hit?

As we approach 2018, it’s best practice for all providers to review their fee schedule and average reimbursement. Recalculate the practice’s “cost per visit” by dividing the number of office visits into total collections for the same period.

How to Get Your Patients to Stick Around This Summer

Summer brings erratic patient compliance. Patients fall out of their regular routines due to travel, kids being out of school, or simply because of natural preference to put aside responsibilities and self-care