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One on One Training

When you need help, accountability, and maybe a little hand-holding

KMC University PhD Program

KMC University’s One on One Training

If you know you need guidance and accountability for you and your team, this program is for you.  While our Library program provides all the content you need, with a helpdesk when you need it, this program goes much farther. Your personal advisor, chosen from our team of specialists, will analyze your practice and needs, then guide you and your staff through a customized program from over fifty unique reimbursement- and compliance-related lessons and classes. Whether it's reimbursement, documentation, or any other area of focus, we'll work on each specific issue with you, train you on the solutions, and make sure implementation sticks for good - all with as little as a three-month commitment.

24/7 access and guidance

Your specific web-based training curriculum resides in your personalized dashboard in our password-protected client area, allowing 24/7 access to the lessons and training materials assigned by your advisor. You’ll have two hours per month of focused, live, in-depth accountability and training calls with your advisor, someone who has “been there, done that.” Our protocols are designed to be customized to your immediate practice needs and goals. For example, need to work on documentation? Your focused calls during the month will be conducted in live, online meetings, going over your specific patient documentation in real time. We’ll audit your records and train you as we go. Need more than two hours in a month? No problem! Simply purchase additional training time a la carte, at a special discounted fee.

Customized just for you

Best of all, this assistance program is tailored to you. Whether your practice concerns are centered around insurance, documentation, CA training, or even practice profitability, our team of certified specialists stand ready to help you achieve your practice goals. The real difference here is your advisor, who takes the Basic Library and enhances it with personalized analysis, training, and results for you.

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