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New York Chiropractic College Virtual Homecoming

18 Sep Webinar
September 18, 2020 - 8:30am to 4:45pm EDT

The 4 Most Common Coding/Documentation Errors Found on Audit

As the practice of chiropractic expands and DCs explore new technologies and methodologies for treating and serving their patients, a Pandora’s Box of issues comes right along with it. The challenge is that although some of this treatment may be clinically appropriate as far as the provider is concerned, it may not meet with the standards of care published by state boards of examiners, insurers or other governing bodies. Getting excited about a new technology and the possible results it can yield is fantastic, but DCs must consider all angles of using such treatment. And this includes mandates to get informed consent before providing this care.

Manage Your Risk in Medicare, Coding and Billing

Even the most seasoned doctors and team members have questions about and are confused by Medicare, coding, and billing. These topics change from year to year and often, we miss updates from carriers and the government required for compliance.  Not only do Medicare rules change as often as the seasons, but carriers, consultants, and others in the profession each give a slightly different picture of “reality” This mastery session will cover details from basic to advanced about the nuances of Medicare, chiropractic coding, billing and collections.