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KMC University Free Webinar - "How to Hire, Train, and Launch an External Marketer"

How to Hire, Train, and Launch an External Marketer

Presented by Noel Lloyd, DC

This webinar was recorded on November 28th, 2017

How would you like to have a steady stream of EXTRA new patients every week, filling your practice to the brim?

Imagine coming to the office early in the morning, looking at the schedule, and finding every available new patient slot full – for the entire week and next week. Then you walk into the back office and see the marketing calendar, marked up with lots of scheduled events. And it gets better! Instead of a temporary uptick in new patient stats, the new patients just keep coming, week after week after week. You get to stay in the clinic, caring for your patients, with new patients in your schedule every day. It’s a dream come true when you have your own external marketing CA whose job it is to deliver extra new patients to your front desk – every week.

Join us for this FREE training webinar where Dr. Lloyd will share his most important lessons you must know to add a profitable associate (an extra $25K/mo) to your practice AND get the freedom you've dreamed about.