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Kathy's Monthly Chronicles - October 2021

Welcome to Kathy's Monthly Chronicles

We get it! You receive a lot of emails! We'd like to help. We know you count on us to keep you up to date on the latest reimbursement and compliance happenings. Now, at the end of each month, we’ll compile all our monthly updates, blogs, and news for you into one announcement. Watch for this recap each month, courtesy of your friends here at KMCU.

Kathy's Monthly Chronicles - October 2021

Does HIPAA require a provider to purchase Antivirus Software? | October 27th, 2021

Implementing security safeguards can be a challenge. Understanding all the HIPAA rules can be even more difficult. No matter how difficult, it is the provider's responsibility to make every effort to protect patient data. Watch Now...

Do I Need a Shredding Company to be HIPAA Compliant? | October 221st, 2021

If you need to destroy protected health information (PHI), the HIPAA rules provide several options, and a shredding service is just one of the options. Before selecting the type of destruction, there are several other necessary steps. Watch Now...

Can I Charge a Patient for a Copy of Their Medical Record? | October 13th, 2021

Recent HIPAA Privacy updates and the 21st Century Cures Act’s Information Blocking rule have left offices completely confused about what they can and cannot do regarding medical record requests. Watch Now...

See How Your Documentation Stacks Up Through an Auditor’s Eyes | October 12th, 2021

Ever wonder why an insurance company wants to see your documentation but not that of the doctor down the street? For years, third-party payers, with Medicare taking the lead, have been telling chiropractors to step up their documentation... Continue Reading...

ICD-10 Changes… The Rest of the Story | October 6th, 2021

As usually happens, once the annual coding update occurs on October 1, more clarifications and myriad questions continue to circle. Now that our members have been using the codes, we have unraveled several other things that are important. Watch Now...


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