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ChiroHealthUSA is a network that works in conjunction with a Discount Medical Plan Organization (DMPO). Your practice can join for free, which gives you a way to set legal, discounted fees as a member of Over half a million people across America have access to affordable healthcare through ChiroHealthUSA and thousands of member doctors are practicing with more peace of mind, growing their practice and offering patients affordable care while minimizing the risk of potential fines and penalties up to $10,000 per occurrence.

Benefits of becoming a participating provider:

ChiroHealthUSA providers do not pay a membership fee or credentialing fee. They set their own level of discounts staying in control of THEIR fees all with a 30-day opt-out clause. ChiroHealthUSA providers benefit from keeping actual fees in a healthy range, while eliminating the “let’s make a deal” discussion that occurs within many offices. In a recent survey:

  • Over 95% of participating providers reported that ChiroHealthUSA made it easier to transition patients from insurance to private pay.
  • Over 90% of participating providers reported that ChiroHealthUSA helped to grow their practice.

ChiroHealthUSA is a provider owned network, that works in conjunction with a Discount Medical Plan Organization (DMPO) that was designed with doctors in mind. Our network model allows you to offer legal network based discounts to cash, under insured and "out of network" patients who are members. Patients covered by Medicare and federal programs are eligible for discounts on non-covered services. The network approach to discounts reduces the risks of compliance and OIG violations related to inducements, improper down coding, dual fee schedules and potentially inappropriate time of service discounts. ChiroHealthUSA only makes membership available to individuals, which means there is no potential for "silent PPOs" activity to lower your reimbursements. The ChiroHealthUSA membership covers your patient and legal dependents for a small annual fee of $49.00.

Since it’s no cost to you to join, it’s a great way to clean up what may be a non-compliant fee schedule. Visit and they’ll send you a link to their free webinar to see if this is a great solution for your office. We strongly recommend them.