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No Surprises

NEW COURSE! | Be Compliant with the No Surprises Act

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There's no need to fear the OIG. We've got your back!

The most effective chiropractic OIG compliance programs are scaled according to the size of the practice!

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Need more guided help? Work with a KMC coach 1-on-1

Sometimes you need more than a self-service, on-demand program and need an expert to analyze your issues, train the corrections, and help you implement the changes, so they stick

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Additional VHOL Downloads

Foundations of the Billing and Collections Process – Data Gathering

Use the links below to download additional support materials that were discussed in this Hands-On Lab Workshop!

The KMC University Financial System

KMCU Reimbursement Process Foundations

Financial Policy Questionnaire

Medicare Replacement Plan Infographic

Front Desk Phone Call Decision Matrix

Telephone Scheduling Scripts

Major Medical Verification Form

Reimbursement Checklist

Practice Finances Terms & Acronyms

Practice Decision Matrix

Financial Policy Template

ACA’s Federal Workers’ Compensation

New Patient Data Collection Form

NSA GFE Decision Making Matrix

Medicare Verification Form

1500 Claim Form Instructions

New Patient Phone Call

Seeing is believing! Watch as a new patient phone call is demonstrated live, using the form as it is intended.

NOTE: As of January 1, 2022 providers are required to offer a Good Faith Estimate to all patients who are self-pay, uninsured, or insured but choosing not to utilize their insurance. Be sure to build this into your process.

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When you become a client of KMC University, you have a wealth of information at your fingertips. You have access to training webinars, a multitude of document templates for Medicare, coding and documentation, and a complete Patient Financial System.

Maria Elena Wilson, Tri-Lakes Chiropractic